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German Faehrstrasse

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The German Fährstraße, is a around 250 kilometres long tourist holiday route between Kiel and Bremervörde. It connects around 50 bridges, locks, barrages and ferries among them the two last German transporter bridges in Rendsburg and Osten (Oste) and demonstrates thus nearly all possibilities thought of by man to cross over a water body.

The three different routes (for cyclists, car drivers and water sports enthusiasts) follow the river Oste, the Unterelbe, the Kiel Canal and the Kiel Fjord.
The holiday road is being advertised by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Osteland e.V. with the slogan
'Frohe Fährien im frischen Norden!'
(happy holidays in the fresh north).
The audience of the MDR-TV voted the German Fährstraße as 'Germany's dream Road' on the 8th October 2008 on the 2nd place by 50 nominated German holiday roads...

Image Copyright: city-map Rendsburg

Pedestrian ferry Holtenau
The German Fährstraße starts from east to west in Kiel with the pedestrian and cyclists ferry 'Adler'.

The ferry, which connects the Kieler districts Holtenau and Wik needs roughly 4 minutes to bring pedestrians and cyclist to the other side.

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The ferries Landwehr and Sehestedt
They are popular destinations. Here cyclists, walkers, bikers and caravan-fans meet at cosy events.

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Here cyclists, hikers and bikers meet to enjoy coffee, bratwurst and delicious beverages.

The ferry pier Sehestedt is also a popular meeting point for caravan-fans.

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From Schacht-Audorf two ferries run parallel to Nobiskrug on the Rendsburger side.

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